clearcopy can create cut-to-size stickers that you can stick to anywhere you want to reach your target audience. Great for customizing your souvenirs, tokens, or campaign materials. Can be printed on a variety of options.

Die Cut

Do you have a nice logo or a fun design that you want to print on stickers? Custom shape stickers with die cut are the best solution for you!

These stickers are die cut, where we cut the sticker along the lines of the silhouette of your design-just peel it off and stick it wherever you want.


If you are labeling something that requires durability and moisture protection, try our waterproof stickers. These weather resistant stickers are designed with the most demanding jobs in mind.


This product will reflect a light beam from a head lamp or flashlight to make it highly visible at night.  Order reflective stickers when safety is required during night hours.